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Braiders, salons, boutiques - come one, come all. This page is all about the benefits of our wholesale offering.

WHY Half Sweet Wholesale

Get 30% Off + Free Shipping

☆ Vegan, synthetic, high-quality hair
☆ Easy to use for braiders of all levels
☆ Be the first to know about new colors
☆ Save 10% on 1:1 classes with Hailee
☆ See full terms below

Wholesale terms & Info

Use code WHOLESALE30 - see terms below.
1. Discount

Our 30% OFF wholesale discount applies to the following collections:

Tinsel Braiding Hair

Classic Braiding Hair

Ombre Braiding Hair

To receive the wholesale discount, we have a minimum order quantity of 27 packs per order.

2. Resale Terms
  • It is not permitted to replace or remove the branding of our products when reselling.
  • If selling Half Sweet hair packs incorporated into the cost of a braiding service, we allow our wholesale braiders to determine that total price.
  • If selling individual hair packs in person to a customer and outside of a service, you MUST charge customers at the MSRP that you see on our online store for that specific product. If you wish to sell at a different rate, please contact our team.
  • You MUST get separate permission from Half Sweet Studios in order to sell our branded hair packs online.
3. Special Orders

Not sure where to start or have a vision and budget in mind? Let our expert team help you curate the wholesale order of your dreams. Contact us at hello@halfsweetstudios.com or DM us on instagram @halfsweetstudios