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Hailee Kay Hair

Neon Yellow Festival Braiding Hair

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Silky, Soft, Straight, Manageable, Vegan High Quality Festival Hair Extensions

The Details

Color: Influence (Neon Yelow)

Length: 24”

Weight: 80 grams

This hair extension product is extremely versatile and can be used for festivals, raves, or any event that calls for a colorful style – from dutch braids to a power pony, you name it, we’re here for it. 

The Difference

Hailee Kay products are made from a durable synthetic fiber. Unlike other festival braiding hair products or kanekelon braiding hair, Hailee Kay products don’t tangle easily. They also tend to be more durable and silky soft, making these extensions ideal for braiders of all levels! 

For most basic braid styles, 2-3 packs are recommended.